Resource Piling provides piling solutions for various market sectors including power plants, highways, railways and infrastructure projects. Together with other Keller Group companies, we are able to offer a full package of piling and ground improvement solutions.
This page features some projects delivered by Resource Piling in recent years.


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Data processing and Computing facility


Singapore   Industrial  

Jurong West, Singapore. An ultimate load test was also performed on this site. Work was completed 1 week ahead of schedule.

Food Hub


Singapore   Industrial  

Over 680 Bored piles of up to 2000 mm in diameter were installed for Jurong Town Corporation’s food hub at Senoko drive, Singapore. Static load tests were also performed using 17 Bored piles. Works were completed within 16 weeks.

School of Medicine


Singapore   Institutions  

132 Bored piles ranging from 800 mm to 2,000 mm in diameter, 177 Secant bored piles of 800 mm and 176 soft Secant bored piles of 600 mm were installed for the construction of a 19-storey block of school of medicine at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Massive rock socketing was also done for this project.

Mixed Development at Ophir Road


Singapore   Mixed Development  

2.5 m diameter Foundation piles with 36 ton plunge-columns were installed for a 42-storey mixed development project at Ophir Road, Singapore.

Mixed Development at Bedok


Singapore   Mixed Development  

Foundation piles and Contiguous bored piles were installed for a mixed development comprising of retail space, residential apartments and a bus interchange in Bedok, Singapore.

Residential Apartment


Singapore   Residential  

Over 80 Bored piles of up to 2,000 mm in diameter and 236 Contiguous bored piles of up to 800 mm in diameter were installed for a 22-storey residential apartment at 1 Leonie Hill, Singapore.  

Tunnels and MRT Station


Singapore   Transportation  

Over 300 Bored piles ranging from 1,500 mm to 2,500 mm in diameter and 75 Secant piles of 1,100 mm in diameter were installed for the construction of  the Gardens by the Bay MRT Station of  Thomson Line and tunnels.

MRT Station


Singapore   Transportation  

20 Bored piles that ranged from 1,300 mm to 1,600 mm in diameter were installed for the Orchard Boulevard Station of Thomson Line. 20 plunged-in columns of 600 mm in diameter were also installed for this project.

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